Web Development and Password Management

I keep intending to write a blog post about password management, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Nevertheless, I’ll mention that I use Enpass for cross-platform, secure password management.

Because I rely on this program so heavily (1Password isn’t available for Linux, and some of their development direction is concerning to me) I was nonplussed to see that I was asked to uninstall Enpass in order to try the highly-acclaimed Web Development program Brackets. In fact, I remembered that I had wanted to try Brackets some time back, but had held off for this very reason.

Well, I decided to try harder this time, and I tracked down a bug report (or Issue in the github vocabulary) that pointed to curllib3 being the culprit. This older library has been replaced with curl4, and Enpass (and several other apps on my computer) depend on the newer version. For whatever reason, Brackets was unwilling to try the newer version, and the package manager was not willing to let the two libraries coexist on my system.

Fortunately, the bug report had a solution. Unpack the .deb installation package, edit the manifest to allow curllib4 to be used, repack the package and install.

Computer work was a lot harder back before there was such a large collaborative community online.

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  1. As it turns out, Brackets, like some other Node/Electron apps I’ve used on Linux, really messes up text display (uneven kerning and visual artifacts sprinkled around), while the live preview feature I wanted to try is experimental and only works with Chrome/Chromium. Very happy that removal was simple and that I didn’t need to re-install a bunch of software that I had had to remove just to try this thing out.

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