NaNoWriMo 2019: The Aftermath

It’s pretty clear that, under the proper circumstances, I don’t need anything like 30 days to write 30 words. Having an idea that pleases me makes a big difference, and having a story outline has been shown to make a difference in the past. In any case, I wrote for far fewer than 30 days this month, and even finished a day early.

That’s just as well, since I leave the country tomorrow. I have completed NaNoWriMo in South Africa before, but in this case I’ll be in the air the bulk of the day, and arrive in Johannesburg too late.

The story that really took off was Homer’s epic, and while it really needs some cleanup, I think it has a certain charm, and puts a new twist on a lot of D&D tropes. I suspect my daughter will not be entirely satisfied with the ending, but as we say, that’s what January is for.

It was fun to write a bit in Jack’s Jentusi universe. I don’t remember if it was he or Kimia who commented that I’ve now written two pieces of “fan fiction” from an antagonist’s point of view. (The other is Brown and Red, which you can also find in this blog.) It was also fun to write a “gangland” scene for the White Mesa universe — I did do some editing (shhh, don’t tell anyone) for the blog since both kids were confused about the names because of the creative spelling. If you read it earlier, Syn is now Sign, and Nyf is now Knife.

One fun part of writing from an alien viewpoint, or from a post-apocalyptic viewpoint, is to examine how many assumptions go into each imagined scene. And then to describe something that would be familiar to the readers but not to the characters — well that’s a real challenge.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the verbal vomit of this year’s NaNo. If you really liked it, you are encouraged to buy and review a copy of my book, Eris: A Tale of the Nether. It was actually edited, and should be better than these scribblings.

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